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Let us help you meet your tax deadlines.

Whether you’re looking to incorporate a limited company or need help preparing and filing your annual accounts, we can help.

You can find some of the limited company services we provide below or alternatively speak to one of our helpful advisors on 0113 240 3444 to learn how we can help you.   

We can also:

1. we Get you set up

Firstly, we help you create your own bespoke package based on the services you and your company require. We then introduce you to your dedicated account manager who will guide you through our onboarding process. 

2. We start working

You capture your transactions via our online solutions or provide us with hardcopies (receipts & invoices) – leave the calculating with us. We get working on your bookkeeping, VAT, payroll (based on the services you require).

3. We provide year-round tax support

With a dedicated support line our experts are on hand for all your accounting queries. Although we check-in with you throughout the year, you can view updates and your documents by logging into your client portal account.

4. We file your tax returns

At the end of each tax period, we complete and file your tax returns to Companies House and/or HMRC. We always ask for your approval before submitting any tax return. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can initially register voluntarily, however it’s not essential until your annual turnover exceeds £85,000, in which case you then have 30 days within the end of the month you exceeded that amount, to then register.

The confirmation statement is also a very important document that needs to be filed with Companies House. It is an annual document that covers a lot of important things such as any changes in your shareholders and directors.

The CT600 is what a limited company has to file with the HMRC as it’s the corporation tax that a company would need to pay when filing for their company tax

It’s essentially a document to allow you to correctly pay your corporation tax for the last financial year – this is likely to be the same as your annual accounts but it can vary. This has a strict 12 month deadline at the end of your financial year – if your financial year was 06/04/21 – 05/04/22 your deadline would then be a year after that ends.

The penalty for not filing this can start at £100 but end at an extra 10% taken away from your untaxed profits

Our pricing is bespoke and tailored to the needs of your limited company. This means you only pay for the services you require. During the initial onboarding stage we ask you a series of simple questions to better understand the needs of your company. This is then reflected on your quote. 

Yes, you can pay our fees in monthly instalments. 

Our simple onboarding steps mean that we handle your previous accountant for you. During the clearance process we collect the relevant details and information we need from your previous accountant. 

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