Payroll - compliance, accuracy, and peace of mind.

We provide a high-quality payroll service to micro and small businesses. 

Accurate and always on-time

Streamline payroll process

No hidden fees


Monthly payroll run (fully RTI compliant)

All UK businesses running payroll need to be fully compliant with Real Time Information (RTI). Whether you need to run monthly or weekly wages, we will provide you with the support you need so you stay on top of all your requirements, saving you time and money.

We will set up and run your pay run for you on agreed timelines and provide email or physical payslips directly to your staff. We will apply all necessary deductions, e.g. National Insurance, PAYE, Bonuses, Pensions etc. and ensure calculations are done accurately and on time every time.


Complete auto-enrolment pensions service

We provide a comprehensive auto-enrolment and pensions service, from setting up your workplace pension scheme with the pension provider of choice and submissions and compliance.

If you have yet to stage, we can help you every step of the way with your implementation, communication, and ongoing auto-enrolment responsibilities using safe & secure software.

Income Tax and National Insurance are collected through PAYE. Your employees don’t need to be registered for PAYE if they do not earn £120 or more a week have other jobs or pensions. However, payroll records must be kept.

If you are a partnership or sole proprietor, you are not allowed to be on payroll in most cases. You can still pay yourself from the company’s income, but that pay is not tax-deductible. Therefore, you should have payments made regularly, rather than drawing out pay whenever you feel like you need (or want) it.

You will be required to keep records for three years to ensure your employees’ rights are protected. HMRC can investigate you at any time, so if there are any problems with your employees’ details or pay – you may be subject to penalties.

Yes, if you are willing to learn payroll and UK tax laws, you will manually do payroll for small businesses. Doing it by hand is the least expensive option, and you have complete control over your payroll. We offer a full or partial Payroll Service for Businesses. You might want to retain control over parts of the process, or if the process becomes too time-consuming, you can fully outsource your payroll to us for a low fixed monthly fee – saving you time & money!

Simple payroll process

What services can we provide

We can help your business with the following: 

  • Weekly, monthly or mixed payrolls
  • Auto Enrolment (AE)
  • New joiner/leaver administrations
  • Processing complex gross pay elements and deductions
  • Statutory payment calculations for sickness
  • Statutory payment calculations for maternity, paternity and shared parental leave
  • Administration of pension contributions, maintenance orders, student loans and earnings attachments
  • Prepare payslips
  • Holiday calculations
  • Dealing with RTI and
  • Auto Enrolment requirements
  • Year end processing 
  • P60’s
  • P45’s

Criteria for Micro-Entities

If your company meets two or more of the following conditions, you are defined as a micro-entity:

  • You have a turnover lower than £632,000
  • Your balance sheet shows a maximum of £316,000 or less
  • You have 10 employees or less

Being a micro-entity means you do not need to prepare complex accounts, and you can send more straightforward balance sheets to Companies House instead. The same exemptions offered to small companies are also given to micro-entities.


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