As an owner/director of your limited company you will need sound professional advice to ensure the smooth running of your company's tax and accountancy affairs. Accounts Geek will take care of everything for you.

Some of the benefits of letting us to handle your tax affairs:

  • Save time. In most cases it will take you a lot longer to complete your own tax return than it would for an advisor. This time could be better spent running your business.
  • Peace of mind. By using professionals you know that your tax calculations will be correct and accurate.
  • Claiming everything you’re entitled to claim. It is a very rare occasion that we take on a new client and are not able to find areas to reduce the tax owed. This is usually in the form of under declared expenses. Most business owners are not aware of all the different types of expenditure that can be claimed and how best to claim them, which is where we come in!

Simply provide us with Business Bank statements, Sales invoices, Payment receipts (Purchases) details and then leave us to deal with the rest on your behalf, safe in the knowledge that you are fully compliant.

Note: We require documents 3 weeks in advance of this deadline in order to complete the accounts on time and avoid any resulting penalties. 


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